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currently listening to: issues, crown the empire & frnkiero andthe cellabration;

tyler carter and michael bohn make my life brighter;
mr. andy velasquez is an angel and david escamilla comes and gets it;

frank iero means everything to me

irena, ♈. this year's been lonely but at least it's through. i'll write a letter to my former self: dear sad ghost, why'd you put your heart on the shelf?
embrace your issues;
fetus tyler carter,violet tc,blonde tc

marry and fuck all three of them? yes, that’s probably the right answer

Sep 22nd0
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mikey way, sam carter, ryan ross

fuck: ryan ross

marry: mikey way

kill: sam carter sorry dude

Sep 22nd1
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dan flint, dan flint, dan flint



fuck: dan

marry: flint

kill: i’d only kill him if he’d choose you ha!

excuse meeeee? jokes haha he’d choose you anyways

oh come on! i bet you can’t get as nerdy as me ;)

Sep 22ndvia&cred3
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fuck/marry/kill: Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, Pete Wentz :)

fuck: billie joe armstrong

marry: gerard way

kill: pete wentz

Sep 22nd3
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revenge frank, danger days gerard, and black parade ray

fuck: danger days gerard

marry: revenge frank omg

kill: sorry ray // i’d never kill you //

dan flint, dan flint, dan flint

fuck: dan

marry: flint

kill: i’d only kill him if he’d choose you ha!

Sep 22nd3
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Frank, your last english teacher, and Vic Fuentes ?

fuck: vic fuentes

marry: frank iero

kill: my last english teacher

michael bohn, gee way, jimmy urine :D

fuck: michael bohn

marry: gerard way 

kill: jimmy urine ew

Sep 22nd1
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spiderman, batman, smaug

fuck: spiderman

marry: smaug

kill: batman